Wool in Ancient Nazareth

Narrow Gate Farm

Wool has been around for centuries. Sheep were used during biblical times for both food and fiber. For clothing, wool was hand-spun and hand-dyed with natural dye from plants and even sea snails (for expensive blues and purples).

When you visit modern day Nazareth, there is a village that represents historical Nazareth. The village has real actors and everything functions as it would’ve during Jesus’s time. This includes the raising of livestock and the processing of wool.

Narrow Gate Farm processes some of our wool by sending it to a mill that uses large machines to process it. We also process some of our wool as they did in ancient times. Some of our sheep are hand sheared. Then their wool is hand-washed and hand-spun. After it is hand-spun it is either left as its natural color or dyed using natural dyes. Finally this yarn can be used to create…

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