Book Recommendations

I love reading a variety of books and I’d love to share with you what I’ve been reading lately! 🙂

I read this book a few years ago and decided to read it again. Andy Stanley writes very practically and also sometimes humorously. This book is a quick, yet challenging read that can refocus your attention on your future goals and what it takes to get there.
Lately my life has been very busy. Sometimes to the point that it is overwhelming and I’m not sure I will be able to do all the things I feel that I need to do. I think that many of us can feel this way sometimes. And being busy isn’t always bad! Great things can be accomplished in our busyness that make the world a better place! I recently read a book about busyness that was written by Pastor Kevin DeYoung. The book is short, but extremely clarifying on the issue of busyness. He talks about when being busy is a good thing and how it can also sometimes have a negative impact on our lives. One of my favorite quotes from the book talks about our mission when we are busy. ” Jesus understood his mission. He was not driven by the needs of others, though he often stopped to help hurting people. He was not driven by the approval of others, though he cared deeply for the broken. Ultimately, Jesus was driven by the Spirit. He was driven by his God-given mission. He knew his priorities and did not let the many temptations of a busy life deter him from his task.” “What are your priorities? What’s your mission?”